Sunday, August 10, 2008

Celebrating a life and a gift

Wanted to make a final toast to my dear mother-in-law, who died last Saturday after a lengthy illness. No matter how bad she felt, she still requested her glass of wine and whatever dessert was on the menu that day; small pleasures that helped keep her spirits up. She was one of those who loved her white zin, a small part of the lovely tapestry that made up her life.

Except for the first year I drank wine, my tastes are almost entirely dry red. Still, much to my astonishment, I night-capped this August evening with a glass of
Habersham Vineyards & Winery Southern Harvest Peach Treat. Can't believe how good that was; definitely laid more fruit on the palate than the shot of sweetness I expected. A number of wineries in this region make the peach wine, and if this is typical of the final product, I can understand why they sell out so quickly. Habersham is a north Georgia winery, a gift from my Daily News buddy Mike Kern, who picked up a bottle on the way back from the Masters this past spring. He returned the favor for my bringing him a bottle of Vin Santo dessert wine from Italy in February.

Finally, this blog obviously leans toward regional wines and wineries, but once in awhile I pick up one from the state store worth praising. Looking for a bargain red ($5.99) that would satisfy your needs for a meal or gift, pick up Little Odisseia Douro and open it right up. Just save me a few. I'm running back out later this week to grab some more to get me through to September.