Monday, April 13, 2009

Terrapin releases put on Friday's schedule

Terrapin Station Winery will unveil this year's versions of two of last year's best-selling wines later this week: the 2007 Cecil Red and 2008 Traminette Reserve.

Janet and Morris Zwick, proprietors of the Elkton County winery in Maryland, said they would be celebrating the release of the Traminette on Friday at Cherry Hill Liquors at 8 p.m. That's a couple of hours after a tasting at Gilly's in Rockville. Other tasting dates are planned for a
number of dates in May. All will be posted on the Web site of the winery, unique for its packaging in a box.

Three more wines are also on the way: Vidal Blanc, Cayuga, and Five Rivers Rose', a new varietal. Terrapin Station has plans to build a tasting room, but for now has depended on a
network of stores to sell its product.

Morris has been more than accommodating to talk about winemaking and his wines any time I call. For that, I'm happy to get out the word about these releases.