Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chaddsford closes its Springfield Mall store

Saw this item in the Chaddford Winery e-letter that popped into my mailbox overnight:
Good customers of the Chaddsford Wine Shop at Springfield Mall (dating back to the mid 90s!) may have noticed that the store closed in mid-August when our lease expired. With the limited number of “satellite locations” allowed us under PLCB regulations, it is inevitable that we will sometimes close older locations to move on to new opportunities. At this juncture, we wish to thank our loyal Springfield customers for your many years of support.... and hope you won’t find it too hard to visit us at the winery in future. We’ll look forward to seeing you here!"
My note: State regulations limit wineries to no more than five satellite stores (in addition to their winery stores), all of course with PLCB approval.

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