Friday, December 19, 2008

NY wine foundation cutback threatened

My "partner" from sent an e-mail out after reading in yesterday's Rochester, N.Y, paper that the state's governor is thinking of significantly cutting back its support to the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. For an Eastern wine industry that's still comparatively young, at least when held up to California, this is bad news indeed. I'm going to post McIntyre's note with the link to his blog, then will post any reaction from winery association officials as I get them.
Dear fellow Regional Wine Writers

In case you didn't see it, Thursday's Rochester Democrat & Chronicle carried a report on NY Gov. Patterson's proposal to slash state support for the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.

While understandable in the current economic climate, such a move would have important implications - not only for the NY wine industry, but for wineries across the country. I've posted an item on my blog about it, with links to the story itself as well as to the Governor's Web site.My concern - shared by Jeff Siegel, my co-conspirator on - is that other states may follow suit and cut their support for local wine industries.

Here's how you can help:

Post about this on your blogs, too, so your readers will know how the NY cuts might affect wineries in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Missouri, Michigan or elsewhere.

Post a comment on my blog (and on any other blogs where you see this issue raised - let's cross pollinate!) with TrackBacks or whatever blog-toy you can think of.

E-mail Jim Tresize of the NYW&GF to voice your support (I've cc'd him on this e-mail, so you'll have his address).

Send your blog posts to Governor Patterson - show him that the Foundation's work resonates outside the state.

Encourage your readers to do likewise.Given the economic situation, we probably won't have much effect. But I'm certain we'll have no effect whatsoever if we don't speak up.I'll be opening a New York wine this weekend, and raising a glass in support of the NY Wine & Grape Foundation.

Dave McIntyre

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