Friday, December 26, 2008

Riedel class Sunday at Crossing Vineyards

One of the few events at regional wineries scheduled at the holiday season will take place at 2 p.m. Sunday at Crossing Vineyards in Washington Crossing, Pa., where the second Wine Tasting in Riedel Crystal in just over a month will take place there. The cost is $99 per person and includes the wine, a Riedel tasting kit, and a 20 percent discount on Riedel purchases.

Asked about the class, winery owner Chrstine Carroll wrote in an e-mail that they've running these Riedel Crystal workshops since 2003.

"The reason we started the workshop is I believe so strongly in the importance of glass shape in the enjoyment of wine," she wrote. "We sell Reidel exclusively in our tasting room. Although others sell glasses in similar shapes, Riedel originated the concept and makes very fine glasses.

"When people attend our class, they try four different glasses in these ways:
Wrong Shaped Generic glass
Right Shaped Riedel Glass
Wrong Shaped Riedel Glass
Right Shaped Riedel Glass

"In five years, we have never had one unconvinced student, including our own sommelier, who thought the whole idea was marketing hype until he took the class. He is now a true believer.

"In addition to the wine, instruction and tasting set, we offer 20 percent off on any Riedel purchase a student makes on the day of the class. The classes can be [and often are] given as gifts."

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