Monday, January 5, 2009

'Down time' for winemaker is short-lived

Sent a note to winemaker Jason Price at Twin Brook Winery in Gap, Pa., asking how he'll spend the next month to month and a half and whether it's too soon to get out into the vineyard. I also asked the importance of getting any type of a snow cover.

Price: Yes, too soon for the vineyard as far as pruning is concerned. Weather depending, we will start concentrating on the vineyard in late Feb/March. Until then, I’m in the cellar doing everything from QCs to blending as well as other wine processing steps. It is true that winter months offer a “down time,” but aside from allowing the winemaker a much needed 2 week vacation away from the farm there is no extended time off. Winemaking and viticulture are as much a full time all year around job here in Pennsylvania as in other grape growing regions. As far as snow … bring it. If [there is going to be precipitation], it might as well be now when the vineyard is dormant . . . Putting Chard and Grigio in bottle this month as well as Vignoles."

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