Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One label that doesn't bother with alcohol content

Brad Knapp serves up some of his wine behind the tasting bar.

One thing I learned Sunday after visiting Pinnacle Ridge on Sunday, besides the fact that it DID snow somewhere in the region, is that not every winery puts the alcohol content on its labels. I asked owner and winemaker Brad Knapp why he chooses to leave the alcohol percentage off his label, and he later wrote back this explanation.

"If a wine is labeled as 'table wine' then legally the alcohol must fall between 7% and 14%. This is a federal regulation and it is a way around not putting the alcohol content on the label. I try and avoid alcohol content for several reasons. One - it requires extra lab work (either in-house or external). Two - it means the label will have to be changed every year which invokes extra printing costs (new screens/plates etc). For our non-vintage wines (like the naked=2 0chardonnay) we typically print three years of labels at a time to help reduce costs by increasing label printing numbers and avoiding the alcohol percent content makes this easier to do."

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