Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vineyard & Winery mag founder hurt in crash

From New York's weekly e-letter, these two bit of news for readers closer to the industry:

BILL MOFFETT, who founded Vineyard & Winery Management magazine and its many spinoffs including Wineries Unlimited, was in a major car accident over the holidays with his wife Hope Merletti, but has made encouraging progress. Both were hospitalized, and Bill was in a coma for some time but has emerged from that, though he remains on a ventilator. Anyone wishing to send him good wishes may do so by going to, type in “visit” and “billmoffett”. Bill was also instrumental in founding a tiny organization called the Association of American Vintners, now known as WineAmerica and representing wineries from 48 states.

CHRISTIAN WOLFFER, founder and owner of Wolffer Estate Vineyard on Long Island, died in a swimming accident in South America around the turn of the year. Wolffer Estate, one of the few wineries on the island’s South Fork (“The Hamptons”), has been an industry leader in wine quality, winery ambiance, and widespread reputation. Like Mr. Wolffer, winemaker Roman Roth has German roots and an unfailing commitment to quality. We send our best wishes to the Wolffer family and the staff of the winery.

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