Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog roll please: Adding McDuff's to list

A newspaper lifer, I've gotten used to touting my section and my writers over whoever the competition might be. But it's different in the blog world, where those who share an interest enjoy sharing that interest so much that they provide links to others writing about the same thing. My humble list includes about a dozen favorite site, including McDuff's Food & Wine Trail, which I just added to my blog roll on Friday.

Check out the list of favorites on his almost two-year-old blog and it includes a who's who of Philadelphia area aficionados of wines and/or food. Now that's what I call a service, introducing readers of one blog to so many others who cover various aspects of the same geographical region. In addition, his list adds a dash on national and a pinch of musical. Overall, it's another one you're worth acquainting yourself with, especially if you live somewhere around Philly.

David, sorry it has taken two years to get acquainted. Still, welcome aboard.

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David McDuff said...

Thanks very much, Paul. You're too kind. I'm glad to have finally found your site too, as you're providing a source of information that's long been needed here in the greater Brandywine and Delaware Valleys.