Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sale of Tour passes way ahead of 2008

With Tour de Tanks along the Uncork York trail set to begin Saturday, here's an update form Alison Smith of the York County Convention and Visitors Bureau:

"To date the York County CVB has sold 452 tickets online for the '09 Tour de Tanks Event," she wrote earlier today. "Through this date last year we had sold 177 '08 Tour de Tanks tickets. That equates to an increase of 155 percent from 08-09 in online pre-event tickets purchased online.

"Tickets are also on sale at area wineries (those numbers are not reflected in the above totals) and will continue to be available at the wineries and online throughout the month of March.

"Lodging properties have also indicated that packages are booking well this year, won't have hard numbers until end of event. Ticket sales for the NEW winemaker dinners are going well and we expect that to continue as people travel the trail, meet the winemakers and remain thirsty for more!"

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