Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terrapin posts tasting schedule for next 5 weeks

Cecil County, Md.'s
Terrapin Station Winery punched out an e-letter early last evening that contained a list of scheduled tasting "off-site" and a plea for readers to support the shipping bill now in discussion in the Maryland legislature.

First, the tasting schedule:

Fri, Feb 27, 4-7: Finksburg Liquors, Finksburg
Sat, Feb. 28, 1-5: Johnston's Liquors, Rising Sun
Sat, Mar 14, 3-6: Hillcrest Liquors, Frederick
Fri, Mar 20, 4-7: Crossroads Liquors, Westminster
Fri, Mar 27, 4-7: Mt. Airy Liquors, Mt. Airy
Sat, Mar 28, 12-3: Love Point Deli, Stevensville
Fri, Apr 3, 4:30-7:30: Upcounty Fine Wine, Clarksburg
Sat, Apr 4, 1-5: House of Liquors, Westminster

And the note on the direct shipping bills:

As many of you know, the wine direct shipping bills are once again being debated in Annapolis this session. House Bill 1262 and Senate Bill 338 are based on the standard language used in 34 other states that enable direct shipment of wine. Opposition from the wholesale lobby is extremely strong, and their voice is loud. But their claims that it promotes underage drinking, promotes tax avoidance, and will lead to all manner of calamities in our state are alarmist and unfounded by evidence in the 34 states that have experienced no difficulties. While Maryland wineries would marginally benefit (we have excellent retailers, but we can't get to every corner of the state), this is NOT a winery bill. This is a consumer bill.

Unfortunately, these bills are discussed before their respective subcommittees during weekdays in Annapolis, when most consumers are busy working their day jobs. We will NEVER be able to get enough consumers in the room to offset the opposition. Your legislators, however, want to hear from you! Over 50% of the house has signed up as co-sponsors and a significant number of senators have as well. We need YOU to tell them how you feel about this legislation. And the best part is that it is VERY easy to do.

Marylanders for Better Beer and Wine Laws and Free The Grapes have set up an automated site that, once you identify where in the state you live, will automatically generate a fax that will be sent to your delegation. It takes less that 5 minutes, but it could make a huge difference in getting this sensible legislation passed.

Just click on this link, and you will be taken to the site.There is so much exciting happening in Maryland wine! Let's see if we can add to the excitement by getting this bill passed. Thanks for your help!

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Adam Borden said...


Thanks for posting about the efforts in Maryland. Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws (MBBWL) is growing by leaps and bounds as we connect with even more wine-drinkers in our state. Please be sure to let anyone you know who drinks wine or might drink wine in Maryland about MBBWL so that they too can get involved with our legislative efforts. Without broader, statewide support, we will never defeat the power of the liquor lobbyists!

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