Friday, March 27, 2009

MBBWL trying to rally support at O's opener

Adam Borden, executive director of Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws, sent out an e-mail that spent more time looking ahead than behind. Disappointed but undaunted, work already is under way to move Maryland among the states that allow for direct shipping. But that battle will run over the next 11 months. In the meantime, here's what Borden sent out.

1, Well, it is official: the House of Delegates
Economic Matters Committee officially killed HB1262, the direct wine shipping bill, last night. Though you could look at this as another defeat, I am really optimistic about the progress we made this year towards gaining passage in 2010. The Committee engaged this issue like they have not before, and we are very appreciative of all of our supporters in the House and Senate for this initiative. Please be sure to thank your elected officials who co-sponsored the bills (here’s a link to find yours: this year and make sure they know you expect them to do the same next year too.

2, What better sign of spring than a new Baltimore Orioles season, and we’d like to send you and a friend to
opening day Monday, April 6th. We were just approved to hand out 50,000 flyers to the stadium-goers, and we need 50 volunteers to cover the crowd. The game starts at 4:05 p.m., so the time commitment would be 1 to 4:30 p.m. Once the game starts and the crowds entering Oriole Park start to subside, we will hold a raffle among our volunteers to win two tickets to go inside the gates. Please let me know via e-mail (aborden at as soon as possible if you are able to help out, and please pray for good weather!

3, To get ready for 2010, WE NEED YOUR MONEY AND TIME! We have so far raised almost $3,000 from many of you, and we thank those who have already contributed. To be able to get out the word to more Marylanders, we unfortunately need more money. Even $10 or $20 helps us to print up more flyers and send out more emails. Please click
here to donate: We are also in need of more volunteers to do simple things like calling members to update their contact information or coordinating volunteer wine tastings. Drop me a line if you have a couple of hours or more, and we will definitely be able to put you to good work.

4, We held our first critical wine tasting a couple of weeks ago and want to report back. Thanks to the following wineries for generously donating their wines for critical evaluation. Remember: Though some of these wines may be available in Maryland retailers or restaurants, none of them can legally be directly shipped to you in Maryland due to current restrictions.

St. Michael’s Winery 2007 Maryland Merlot
Though rooting for the home team, many found this wine to be a little “too light” in many respects. The color was “light red” to “reddish brown” with a “slight fruit” or “light spice” nose. The wine’s “light body” and “dryness” in texture and taste left some reviewers wondering “where did it go?” Perhaps the wine “possibly needs time?”

Wente Vineyards 2006 Charles Wetmore Cabernet Sauvignon
This “dark” and “garnet” red wine was “very good” and made people “happy to drink it.” Its fruity aroma – “red fruit in my face” – and full body were good initial signs. The taste was “dry” and “spicy” with “slight fruit” like currant. The wine’s “medium to long finish” led some to say it was “approachable” and “I’d buy a case.”

Bridgeview Blue Moon 2005 Cabernet Merlot Blend
The tasting’s most popular selection – “nice balance” – was “garnet” with an “orange/brown” undertone in color. The “musty coffee” with a hint of “cassis” bouquet complemented the “velvety smooth” texture of the wine. “Lots of red fruit” and “sweetness on the back of the tongue” stayed with our panel for a “medium” length finish. Perfect for “late night sipping.”

Please get in touch if you too would like to help critically evaluate wines for MBBWL. Hope to see you at the game!

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Adam Borden said...

Thanks for the props! We need as many volunteers as we can to get to the 50,000 or so expected in attendance.

Go O's!