Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mount Felix lauds bond with local eateries

Mentioned the other day about Mount Felix Winery's improved Web site that offers a blend of information; some present, some past. There are older wineries that provide more substantial news on their wines and events, but there are a heckuva lot of other wineries that have been around a lot longer than Mt. Felix whose Web sites can't match up.

Peter Ianniello said by phone Wednesday that he and his wife Mary have done the upgrades, evidence that they're willing to invest the time and energy needed to help market their wines. Peter said they've been blessed these first few months in business by the support they have received from the business community.

“Some retailers were thrilled to carry a quality local wine,” he said, “and some restaurants . . . even created some special dishes featuring and highlighting Mt. Felix wines.”

According to the site there are 22 retailers carrying some or all of the eight wines that Mount Felix produces, and 10 restaurants that have included the label on their wine lists. That's not an easy advance; so many wineries have talked about how difficult it is to move any of their wines onto the wine lists of area eateries.

“That's the best part of what I'm mentioning to you,” Peter said. “We have been very, very fortunate to work with some really great businesspeople that took us on. You know what this market is like. You have Chile on the bottom, Italy on top, New Zealand to the left, Australia to the right. It's a pretty crowded market.”

Peter said that MacGregor's Restaurant and the Laurrapin Grill, both in Havre de Grace, Md., have created dishes using Mt. Felix wines. “So in addition to carrying them and offering them on the list, they actually made special dishes. The one place, Laurrapin, people would come up here and they were raving about it. They took our blush wine, which is blend of Traminette and Chambourcin, and they sauteed some large sea scallops in it. I had some people come in who were still drooling from tasting it. It was that good. So we're very, very humbled by the support we've gotten. That's the only reason we've been successful.
That and their location, less than a mile off Exit 89 of I-95. Peter said that when came down for a taste, they told him that of all the hundreds of wineries they've been to across the entire United States that “we have one of the best locations next to a highway infrastructure and major population sites.”
He said they have applied to have their name put on signs preceding the exit north and south to let people who are driving by know they're there. “We're just waiting,” he said. Hopefully the applications wil lbe approved soon.”

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Anonymous said...

The owners of Mt. Felix are clearly delightful. Mary answered the phone herself one day. She gave a key piece of important information in a timely way.

Their chambourcin was sampled at MacGregor's. Exquisite. Mellow, full but finely spiced, fruit soupcons. More!

Ths., Mt. Felix! Would you sell cuttings?

Judy Eagle