Sunday, March 15, 2009

Perfecto: Blog guy heads to Waltz's for afternoon

Shots from the outside of the tasting room, inside the tasting room, and the Waltz family (minus their three younger daughters), from left: Kim, Jan and business manager Zach.

Have just a couple of minutes tonight to post, but wanted to mention that the trip to Waltz Vineyards' tasting room should be put on your to-do list sooner rather than later.

Workman are putting the finishing touches on the back area of the tasting room, and some work remains on the exterior. But inside is as colorful and Tuscan as promised on the Web site, with gorgeous paintings by, among others, nationally known and Mount Gretna-based Fred Swarr.

Kimberly and Jan Waltz have been in the business of making wine since the late 1990s, so they open their business ahead of their brethren who have opened their doors this year or last. Waltz's grapes are known statewide for their quality; in fact, something like six of the wines recognized by the Pennsylvania Wine Society used grapes from the Waltz's vineyards.

With 16 acres planted, they are planning to put in another 4 acres this spring. Everything from the rose to the Sauvignon Blanc to the Merlot and the other in between were delicious. Currently they are open noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays through the end of March, and expect to see those hours tweaked somewhat later this spring.

Visitors are served two complimentary wines; the fee for tasting the complete line is $8. In this case, well worth it, although your might need your GPS or to find your way to the place. It took around 20 minutes from Middletown on Saturday to get there; the ride from there to Lancaster didn't take much longer than that.

Again, between the view and the tasting room and the wines, put this one on your list of places to stop by this summer. Don't expect to be drawn by any special events. They'll hold some private parties there, accommodating maybe 16 to 20 people. Otherwise, as Jan said yesterday, they're in the business of making wine. And they do it quite well.

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