Thursday, April 23, 2009

Basignani 'Swings into Spring' next weekend

Basignani Winery in Sparks, Md., is the one of the first regional wineries we felt comfortable enough to call it home. We've enjoyed their line of wines through the years and attended a number of events there, including three harvest days.

Sent an e-mail to owner Lynne Basignani on Wednesday about what's new at their winery, and received this note back today that I want to post.

We just bottled our new 2008 sweet wines, and in addition to our Riesling and Vidal, we have new sweet wines, a blush called "Monkton Moon Delight," with a beautiful painting on the label and a sweet red wine called "Marisa Dolce." We think that's pretty exciting, especially since we've been out of our sweet wines for 4 months! Also, we're having our "Swing into Spring" event, which is the official release of the new sweet wines on May 2-3rd.

The cost is $8 and includes a glass, wine tasting, hayrides (weather permitting) and desserts to go with our sweet wines. we also have a new brick oven, so you never know when you might come on a weekend and find pizza for sale. (People can always call to see if we are making pizza or not. Bert is quite the "pizzaiolo."

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