Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crossing Vineyards celebrating two accolades from recent Jefferson Cup competition

Two wines from Crossing Vineyards and Winery in Washington Crossing, Pa. have earned a Certificate of American Merit in the Jefferson Cup Invitational in Kansas City, Mo., a designation the competition says is comparable to a silver medal.

Appreciate Rebecca Felten looping me in on the e-mail.

The invitational event, now in its 10th year, pre-selects more than 600 wines from 23 states which it says, “exemplify viticulture and winemaking in America.” The Jefferson Cup, held Nov. 19-20, 2009, does not award golds, silvers and other medals. Rather, according to competition organizers, “the invited wines have all proven their excellence in competitions and tastings throughout the last year. We believe and try to publicize our belief that these are wines that are extremely deserving of the nation’s attention.”

Of the wines invited to compete for the Jefferson Cup award, some 350 received the “Certificate of American Merit.” One hundred and thirty two received medallions deeming them, “American Examples of Greatness,” and 78 of those were selected “Jefferson Cup honorees.” Fifteen received the Jefferson Cup award.

Crossing Vineyards’ Cabernet Franc '06 -- its most decorated wine from the 2006 vintage -- and its newly released estate-grown and bottled Vidal Blanc 2008 received the Certificate of American Merit. The recent honors bring to 84 the number of awards the winery has earned since it opened six years ago on a 200-year-old estate in Bucks County.


"This is Crossing Vineyards' first Invitational Competition, and we are very proud to have received Certificates of American Merit for two of our wines,” said Crossing co-owner and vintner Tom Carroll Jr. “The Cabernet Franc has been a winner many times over, and that's always a thrill. But the Vidal Blanc is newly released and is an estate wine: grown, produced and bottled at Crossing Vineyards. Now that's exciting!"


Head of marketing and PR Chris Carroll noted by e-mail a few days after this initial posting that she had sent organizers a group of wines last spring and they requested that five be entered in the competition. She wrote: "The invitation to submit is equivalent to a bronze medal: Viognier 2007, Riesling 2008, Vidal Blanc 2008, Cabernet Franc 2006 and Merlot 2006. We have won multiple awards for all of these wines.


"As for the fruit source of the [2006] Franc," she continued, responding to a question, "as you can see on the label, there is no single vineyard designation; we buy fruit from several growers and we actually Franc on our property; this wine is a combination of all of those."


Asked what the reaction is usually like to the announcement of an award, she said there's generally a flurry of activity for awhile afterward. "Sometimes, as with the Chardonnay 05 [World's Best-Starwine 2006] we sell out almost immediately [good and bad news!],' she wrote.

Judges in this year’s competition included: Glen Bardgett, a St. Louis restaurateur and a founder of the Missouri State Fair judging; Wayne Belding MS, past chairman of the Court of Master Sommeliers and a Boulder, Col. wine merchant; Laura dePasquale MS, one of the world’s few female Master Sommeliers; Bob Foster, writer, The California Grapevine; Frost; Patty Held-Uthlaut, former proprietor of Stone Hill Winery and a lifelong Missouri wine veteran; Robert Noecker, a midwestern wholesaler and 30-year veteran of the wine industry; Jeff Miller, a Kansas distributor with 25 years of experience; and Joyce Angelos, a Missouri wholesaler and industry veteran of 25 years.

It's an acknowledgement, wrote Chris Carroll, of the strides that American wines and their winery in particular have made. "This Jefferson Cup is a quality competition," she said. "It is all American wines. The win means more to us than just another medal. It is a statement about America earning its place in the world of wine and about the various regions developing their unique styles and identities. Americans is still a very young country when it comes to making wine. It is an exciting time to be involved in this industry.
"For a 9-year-old winery to receive two "Certificates of American Merit" for their wines [one which is 100% estate fruit-Vidal] is pretty remarkable."

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