Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fall Tour: Buckingham Valley Vineyards

Jerry Forest of Buckingham Valley Vineyards in Buckingham, Pa., was off in one of the rooms at the winery on Sunday, squeezing in some more tasks while folks ducked in out of the rain for a tasting or purchase.

Any news there, he was asked by phone? The former newspaperman didn’t skip a beat. Couple of things, he said. One was the release last week of the winery’s nouvelle and nouveau, each selling for $8. The white nouvelle is 100 percent Cayuga grape, “fresh and fruity, with some nose of Riesling,” he said. The red nouveau is 100 percent Chambourcin, and more and more is becoming a staple with the holiday meal.

Forest said they bottled enough to sell early into the new year. It’s meant to be consumed into January, he noted. Some people lay it away, but you run the risk of it losing its freshness and, more often, its color.

As for what’s ahead in December, Forest noted the
Bucks County Wine Trail will hold its holiday celebration the weekend of Dec. 13-14. at Buckingham Valley, that means some food and wine for anyone who wanders into one of the state’s oldest wineries, founded in 1966.

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