Sunday, March 29, 2009

The last two stops: Stargazers and Twin Brook

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Three shots taken at a busy Stargazers Vineyard & Winery on Saturday, including the outside and inside of the press pad that has been newly enclosed and a shot of Brian Dickerson (light blue shirt) offering samples out of a barrel. Standing along in the cellar of Twin Brook, in his dark blue shirt, is assistant winemaker Jason Price.
Running out of time, but wanted to say thanks to the winemakers and proprietors at the last two wineries we visited. Stargazers Vineyard & Winery, with a street address of Coatesville, Pa., has had its grapes in the soil since 1989. Their wines ranged in price from $12 to $19, and they also have pieces of cheese and chocolate out to accompany the walk along the tables. Ownership of the wine is slowly being turned over from Alice and John Weygandt (Alice, thanks for all your insight yesterday) to Brian and Jennifer Dickerson.
I've now made five or six visits to Twin Brook Winery in Gap, Pa., where one couldn't find better hosts than Melissa and Tim Jobe and assistant winemaker Jason Price. Down in the cellar, Tim and Jason let us taste a delicious Cabernet Franc that should finally find its way into the bottle and onto the shelves by 2011, and a Chardonnay that will be ready for purchase a lot sooner than that.

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