Sunday, March 29, 2009

Naylor offer futures opportunity at '10 wines

Couple of notes out of the Naylor Wine Cellars in Stewartstown, from owner Dick Naylor. He wrote in the latest newsletter that "2008 was the best year since 2001. Early spring, perfect fruit set with ample spring rains got the vineyard off to a good start. A fairly dry September with warm days and cool nights contributed to a large crop with great quality. Again, more than ever before we performed major crop thinning. Particularly on Chardonnay, Chambourcin, Vignoles and Shiraz. This effort allowed the quality of the grapes remaining to sruge to levels we have had before, which is producing many spectacular wines.

"More home winemakers than ever came to the vineyard for juice, grapes and winemaking supplies, and the amount of customers who came to "pick their own' for pie making and jelly was larger than ever. Give us a call in August and we can let you know the availability of the grapes and juice."


I've gone to barrel tastings at Woodhall Wine Cellars in Parkton, Md., and put money down on wine I like that I'll pick up later in the spring or summer once it has been bottled. Naylor is taking oney for wine that won't be bottles until next March. He wrote: "On March 1, 2010, we will be releasing a Shirz and a Chardonnay Reserve which we are taking orders to now. Future wines are sold by subscriptions. Customers can taste the Chardonnary Reserve and the Shiraz which will sell for $18.95 when released, but the advanced price will be discounted by 25 percent ($14.71 per bottle) to Futures' buyers. At the time of your order, a 25 percent deposit is required, 50 percent will be due at bottling (about Nov. 1, 2009), and the remaining 25 percent due when the wine is ready for release (around March 1, 2010). There is a three bottle minimum and we are excited to offer you a tasting of these wines at the wineryin Stewartstown."

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